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Vehicle Licence Renewals

Need your Vehicle Licence renewed?

We’ll deliver your new licence disc direct to your door!

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Zania Swanepoel

Excellent service!! Not even a week and I received my new plates as well as the license! Prompt responses from the consultant (Denielle)! Will recommend them any time.

Esmeralda Barnard

I have been using their service for 4 years now on 2 vehicles, my experience have always been excellent!

Jonathan Geers

Fast and efficient. I submitted all the required documentation for my vehicle licence renewal and got the new vehicle license 5 business days later.


Why did I get a green MVLX form with no vehicle license disc?

Upon receipt of a green MVLX form, it indicates that your vehicle license disc has been successfully paid for and renewed using the official Government eNatis system.

If your disc has been blocked, there are several possible reasons that will be mentioned at the bottom of your MVLX receipt.

These reasons include:

1. Other Unlicenced Vehicles

2. Enforcement Orders

3. CRW Required

4. Admin Mark

5. Outstanding Fees.

In order to resolve the issue with your blocked disc, it is important to address the specific reason mentioned on your receipt. Please carefully review the relevant information for the reason that applies to your particular case.

What does Other Unlicenced Vehicle mean?

These additional unlicenced vehicles encompass motor vehicles, motorbikes, trailers, special vehicles, etc., which are registered under your ID number.

As per the law, the renewal of one vehicle licence cannot be issued while disregarding the expiration of the other licence disc.

As the customer, you are required to pay all the fees for unlicenced vehicles, as all vehicles registered under your name are associated with your ID number and must be kept up to date.

It is not possible to independently licence one vehicle registered in your name without considering the others. All of them must be brought up to date.

What is an Enforcement Order?

An Enforcement Order is issued if you fail to comply with the requirements of a Courtesy Letter following a traffic offence.

An Enforcement Order is usually served by registered mail, and the demerit points incurred by you will be automatically allocated.

In accordance with the law, an Enforcement order will block your vehicle licence disc from being issued until it is resolved.

What does CRW Required mean?

CRW Required means that you need to take your vehicle to be Assessed for a Roadworthy Certificate.

After your vehicle has successfully passed a roadworthy test, your licence will be unblocked.

Please note, in order to obtain your disc, you will need to notify us so we can update your vehicle on our system so we can reprocess your application.

What is an Admin Mark?

There are various reasons why your vehicle licence disc may be blocked due to an Admin Mark.

A. Types of Admin Marks which could be placed on a vehicle:

- A1. Roadworthy Validity

- A2. Validity of the Vehicles Register number.

B. Types of Admin Marks which could be placed on the ID of the owner of the vehicle:

- B1. Deceased Admin Mark

- B2. Warrant of Arrest for Not Appearing in Court due to a Traffic Fine Issued by a Traffic Officer.

A1. Roadworthy Validity This type of Administration Mark is placed on your vehicle when licensing authorities are questioning the validity of your roadworthy status and are investigating whether your roadworthy test has been done legally.

A2. Validity of the Vehicles Register Number.

An admin mark is placed on these particular vehicles that have been suspected to be involved in or have been reported to be involved in a criminal cloning incident.

B1. Deceased Admin Mark This type of Admin Mark is placed on a vehicle of which the owner of the vehicle has unfortunately passed away. You will not be able to obtain a licence disc for this vehicle up until the vehicle has been registered onto a new owners name by the executor of the estate.

B2. Warrant of Arrest for Not Appearing in Court due to a Traffic Fine Issued by a Traffic Officer. Admin marks are given to people who have been issued with a warrant of arrest for not appearing in court after a Traffic Fine has been issued in accordance with Section 56 notice.

- Section 56 notice: issued by a traffic officer, and usually involves an offense that happened while the vehicle was moving. This notice gives you a payment date as well as a court date.

You have 30 days to pay your fine, and you will need to attend court on the appointed date, which will be within four months from the date of issue. Please note that that section 56 fines do not apply to the province of Gauteng.

What Does Clearance Required Mean?

When is a police clearance required?

- When the engine or chassis number of the vehicle differs from the number on the registration certificate, even if one digit is different. It could just be a misprint, but the danger is that your documents have been falsified.

- When a vehicle has previously been reported stolen and then recovered.

- When no documentation is received from the previous owner of the vehicle.

Where is this possible to be done?

- Go to your nearest Police Station.

What is needed to complete the clearance?

- One must get a Data Dot Certificate (this can be done at any testing station, but is very important to be done before going to a Police Station).

- A copy of a certified ID document.

- A Proof of Residence.

- Original registration papers.

- Only If the engine number was changed one will need to take the invoice for the new engine.

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